Dreams & Visions

Have you asked yourself yet, how can we come up with these ideas?

The creative head of our business, Bernd Erdmann, is a trained wood sculptor. The creative handling of wood has been his profession for 30 years. In his early life, he carved sculptures from wood. His creative urges in this area led him to see the craft in a completely different light. As you can see, he was also able to carve out a unique business niche.

One only needs vision. One needs to be able to see the parts and the whole. Then with much dedication and attention to fine detail, the whole can be made.

Bernd Erdmann Visionen

Our request now, is that you may profit from our inexhaustible creativity. We welcome the challenge to conjure a satisfied smile on your face. Often we are surprised ourselves at where the journey together into the world of ideas can lead. From that comes our highest goal: The “Symphony of the Senses”.

Dreams are essential. And they must be attainable. With our craftsmanship, your dreams can become reality. We combine a focus on functionality with creativity. Our vast experience sets us apart.

The result is a sharpened view of the total concept, aligned to pure satisfaction and relaxation. Time is the greatest luxury today, and time is emphasised in our meticulous use of space.

Empathy and professional competence are the fundamental pillars of every design. But we will do more than just fulfil your needs. Your astonishment is the measure of our success.